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Fire of Anatolia

- Fire of Anatolia

1. Scene
First there was fire in the mountains of immortality, in Nemrut, all that existed before the fire was sanctified in the sight of the gods… Your body was set on fire with that sacred language and presented to the sun. In the first place where the East and the West embraced, Anatolia reached a Prometheus fire on the mountain of fire in the first peace monument in the world. Like the streams of light, the currents have multiplied to the earth. They’re life. Dances: Mount of gods – Nemrut Fire ceremony, Fire rivers, Fire dances, tree of life. Motifs: inspired by Alevi Semah figures from the Central Asian Shaman Turks, Zardusti and Yazidi Kurds, and the southeastern folk dances. 2. Scene
Storms send Zeus-Ahura Mazda to take the fire, to man, to respond to the human mind spends… And the gift of the gods sends Pandora in a box, as well as all the evil and the evil. Evil prevails in this land, and the wicked, they catch Prometheus in chains. Zeus – Ahura Mazda will feed the Eagles the lungs of Prometheus, who is hit by chains. The war of the good and the bad has begun. The good come to save Prometheus, who brings humanity from darkness to light. It’s a war… But the evil of Zeus – Ahura Mazda, the wicked are in this war… Dances: Pandora, Army Of Darkness, Prisoner Prometheus, Eagles, Salvation, Awakening Dance Of Saturn – Prometheus, Love Trilogy, Bright Days, Battle Dances, Victory Of Darkness, Oriental, Victory Of Darkness 2. Motifs: Eastern Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean. 2. CURTAIN
1. Scene
Migration is reduced in the way of life, the people who live in Qatar and the people who live in Anatolia flow to a wounded geography. They are defeated together, they are resurrected together. It’s an ice-cold defeat, Death now. It is a very vital country. A good winner is a bad one since the dawn of the dark and bright war. Tears rise to the sky. It was the oldest network in the world. But there’s always hope. It comes up in a flash of fire at multiple human temperatures. It is a contemporary Prometheus. It arrives with a wind of mysticism; when the spirits reach the sky, the human being. It creates and refreshes everything. There, the dance of Resurrection and reckoning begins. The army of light surrounds all darkness. The victory wave spreads to Anatolian soil. Dances: cry, Ghost dancers, Army of light, return to the world of evil, mosaic of War, enthusiasm of waves. Motifs: Eastern Anatolia, Central Aegean, Istanbul and Black Sea dances were used. 2. Scene
The war of drums begins now in Anatolia. Two armies are fighting for peace. Drums are first shot for war. The flow of war is between the good and the bad. First, women make peace between them. Then men. Now the drums are hitting for peace. The Son of man has been defeated in his own goodness. Good, Anatolia is good people. All directions are peace. And the Creator and the creation shake hands and the Covenant cut to peace. 3. Scene
Anatolia is a rainbow. It is a scorching rainbow with all its colors, deep in the water, hard in the soil, high in the mountain and low in the plain. Now all colors have peace , dance in the water, in the soil. Just as those colors have experienced the pain of war in their hearts, and now they have the joy of peace in their dances. Dances: Ramo, Re-Life Tree, Multiplication, Call. Motifs: Thrace and Balkan dances.

- Fire of Anatolia

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