Location: Antalya Kemer

Full Day



- Diving

There are several dive sites in the Kemer region. All of them are rather close to the port so it takes about 20 minutes to arrive at the first stop. During this short journey those guests who dive for the first time are instructed in their native language.
At this time the briefing for the experienced divers is held as well. During it they discuss with the instructor the choice of dive sites for the professionals as well as the weather conditions for the upcoming dives.
After receiving information about the dives the beginners are organized in groups per 5 people in each. And the groups dive in a shallow place (maximum 6-7 meters) not far from the coast of the bay. Each group is controlled by the instructor and the dive guide. During the dive you will be photographed or filmed with the underwater camera.
You can see sea sponges, lobsters, octopuses, schools of barracuda, tuna, sea horses, and a large number of amphorae in the Kemer region.

- Diving

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